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Here are a few condensed descriptions of the ministries and departments here at CANO. 



We believe that our local church is only as strong as the marriages and families that make up the church. So therefore, we are teaching couples how to thrive in their marriage by empowering them with biblical teachings that will help them to love and cherish one another so that their families are strong, thus making our local church strong.



Our Senior Ministry consists of those who are ages 55 and above. They meet once a month for a time of prayer, food, and fellowship. They have also planned and participated in community outreach events such as: Bringing fruit bags to senior homes and rehabilitation centers that house the sick and shut-in.

Sunday School


Our Sunday School Department offers quality instruction in biblical principles to enlighten, challenge and encourage its students from ages 3 and above. We offer classes from Pre-School through Senior Adults. We believe that the instruction received will prepare the students both mentally and spiritually to deal with life’s everyday challenges.



The vision of the Singles' Ministry is to continue to live a life of purity until God unites us as one with a mate. Applications of our biblical teachings will equip our singles to overcome the temptation that the enemy is sure to bring their way.



Our goal is to instill Christian morals and values in all the children that CANO serves. We do this by instructing them through biblically-based lessons and age appropriate methods of praise and worship that will help them to make what they’ve learned applicable to everyday life. We will introduce each child to Jesus Christ in a way that will transform their life and encourage them to develop their own relationship with Him through prayer and reading their bibles.



The mission of our youth is to establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals and values in youth and young adults ages 13 to 25. We intend to do this by using creative methods to excite and inspire young people to live for Jesus. Our goal is to enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it is to live for Him and Him alone.



Our purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, and lead the congregation in worship. We have several groups in the music ministry that provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gift(s). Those groups include: The Children’s Choir, Youth Praise Team, Youth & Adult Choir, Adult Praise Team, and Senior Adult Choir. We also have a staff of musicians who are willing to groom and train others to use their musical talents for the glory of God.

Community Service


CANO has several arms of ministry that reaches out to our community. We are instrumental in taking prayer and the gospel to those who are in the hospitals, prisons and even homeless. We also offer home bible study classes so that families can learn what’s in the bible from the comfort of their homes.

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